Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Subpoenaed For Unpaid Doctor Bill

A court in Harrisburg, Virgina has dismissed a case against Jacy, a one year old boy who was summoned to appear in court for an unpaid chiropractic bill. The father, Richard White, said he was shocked when he got a subpoena in the mail requiring his son Jacy to appear in court for a $391 bill.

Jacy's mother and father were not named in the lawsuit, which at the request of the court was dismissed.

Not too long after Jacy was born, he was taken to the chiropractor by his father. Richard White, Jacy's father, suspects that when the family moved, the office updated everyone's records but Jacy's.

Richard White says the $391 bill was covered on his insurance, and the office billed him about the same time he received the subpoena.

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