Sunday, May 18, 2008

An 81 Year-Old Man Kills Himself With Shot From "Suicide Robot"

An elderly 81 year-old man killed himself by programming a robot to shoot him in the head after he built the robot with plans he downloaded from the internet.

Francis Tovey, who lived by himself in Burleigh Heads on the Austrialian Gold Coast, was found dead in his driveway.

He was unhappy about demands from his relatives that he should move out of his home and go live in a retirement home.

At 7 AM he set up the robot in his driveway and activated it.

Mr. Tovey left a note saying that he chose to kill himself in the driveway because he knew workmen were building a house next door and would find his body.

His plan worked. One of the carpenters heard the gunshots and ran next door to find Mr. Tovey lying in the driveway with gunshot wounds in his head.

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